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Voicemails from Aunt Lavonda. State of Comics: Hellfighter Quin. Jay prank calls the election fraud hotline.

Part 2 with J.M. DeMatties:  writing Justice League: Unlimited, Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons, Constantine: City of Demons, Spider-Man: Death of Harry Osborn and Kraven’s Last Hunt. Find out about his Imagination Workshops.

Upcoming from Jay Sandlin and Mad Cave Studios’ YA Imprint ‘Maverick’: World Class!

Colombian teen, Adrian Molina, steps into the world of international football as he joins the prestigous English preparatory school, Regents United. Along the way he has to deal with bullies, hormones, and his own anxiety.

Uncensored, irreverent, and unredacted: the case files of the SPACE POLICE by Jay Sandlin

What sorcery are these blurbs that they would make you buy my adult oriented sci-fi anthology Space Police Files, five eyewitness accounts of crime in the effed up sectors of the Milky Way.

From exploding cloud virgins, rescuing bad kitties, and serial killer shape shifters, it’s just another shift for the space police. Five short stories set in an interconnected galaxy with more twists and turns than the Kessel run and bigger shocks than the lightning storm that ate George Kirk.

The Case of the Exploding Vapor Virgin: A hostage negotiator’s first day on the job turns explosive when a cloud-like Kleudian takes out his anger at the galaxy on unsuspecting customers at the Centauri Credit Union.

The Case of the Dead Beat Cadet: A young space cadet gets more than he bargained for when he’s assigned to shadow a veteran on the largest space station in the quadrant. With a thriving drug trade running amuck on the station, will he rise to new heights or end up discarded feline vomit?

The Case of the Golem Gopher: A tattoo artist in the Chicago Undercity, Pipani Shariff had nothing to look forward to besides a short life trading services for food until a wealthy Uppercity family selects her for surrogacy. Pipani, however, soon discovers even the flying paradise has its demons.

The Case of the Duplicate Policy: Office Randy Goldman takes out extra insurance of the genetic variety- cloning himself to help with his caseload. Everything seems great, until his friends and family decide they prefer the clone to the original.

The Case of the Samhain Slasher: It’s All Hallow’s Eve on the darkest planet in the Milky Way with a shapeshifting killer on the loose. Detective Linh must use her empathic abilities to root out the killer before sunrise or else endless war stretches across the galaxy.

Check out Jay’s debut comic series: Over the Ropes and get all 5 issues!

Over the Ropes is an underdog story of staying true to oneself in a world where ring personas often time bleed into reality. Sandlin and Cosentino craft a tale in which finding one’s true self may mean crafting a larger than life image inside of the ring.

HellFighter Quin Returns!

Pre-order #HellfighterQuin

The Clanless will Unite! Jay Sandlin and series artist, Ataguna Ilhan, team up with powerhouse colorist, Maria Santaolalla. Hellfighter Quin is the newest action-packed comic about Quinlan Jones, the Hellfighter; Harlem’s own vigilante.

Collect issues 1-5 in a single TPB from Mad Cave Studios

Eerie River Publishing presents:

When danger come from above, can there be anywhere safe to hide? Eerie River Publishing brings you another round of exceptional horror by award-winning authors from around the globe. Twenty-four terrifying tales, ripped from your nightmares make up this collection of horror from the “Sky”

Jay’s story: ‘Hate Sky’. Willard’s right-wing spewin’ radio show attracts a listenership famishing for a piece of him.

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