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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Farewell

Bill & Ted Face the Music (FTM) rocks my face off. Seriously. I first saw the original (Excellent Adventure, EA) swimming in my older cousin's pool. He explained the premise to me as these two future "rock-messiahs" using time travel to pass their history final. My cousin always had a way with words and I was hooked from the beginning.
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GeekOPedia: Erica Schultz Forgotten Home

GeekOPedia #Podcast on Geeks Worldwide. State of Comics: Ringo nominees released-- who are comics' rising stars?Best writer nominee, Erica Schultz talks #ForgottenHome's FIVE nominations. How did the ComiXology original series of mages, magic and moms come to be? Find out which ex-WWE wrestler turned author rubbed on tattoos to market this YA fantasy!?
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GeekOPedia: Smurfy Blue Punks

State of Comics: What do major cuts at #DC mean for the future of comics? Comic creators Matthew Erman & Shelby Criswell swing by to talk their comics careers, on-the-spot book pitches and their upcoming series Terminal Punks from Mad Cave Studios, wherein a punk band faces a mutant animal breakout, coming Nov 11.
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