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Review: Devil’s Dominion

Devlynn St. Paul sold her soul to the Devil to stop the horror being done to her by her brother. But she reneged on the deal. Now, she’s on the hunt. If you're a fan of Constantine, Supernatural or Justice League Dark, you'll love Brian Hawkins' Game of Demons: A Tale of Fire and Brimstone. Actually, the title is Devil's Dominion coming Dec 30th from Blackbox Comics. I'd describe it as Dante's Inferno set in urban fantasy, with a gritty protagonist looking to hurt raise as much hell as possible before they're tossed into it. 
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GeekOPedia: Jazzlyn Stone

GeekOPedia new #Podcast episode. State of Comics: Covid positive testing on #TheBatman. Question: Which Batvillain would survive a pandemic? Special guest, Jazzlyn Stone, talks #comic book marketing for books Gives details on organizing Mad Cave Studios showcase & the Ringo-nominated 'Best Series" #ForgottenHome
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