Meet Jay Sandlin. Writer. Thinker. Dad.

The only thing that’s for sure about Jay Sandlin is nothing’s for sure. Follow him on twitter @JaySandlin and you’ll never guess what happens next. From comic book debates, historical discussion, or sharing newly published works, Jay has more fingers in more pies than a ravenousover-eater invading a pastry factory.

Jay has a bachelor’s degree in Public Communication and Masters of Arts in History from the University of North Alabama. In 2017, he toured the Southern U.S. presenting research papers at numerous colleges. He wrote his master’s thesis on the twentieth century Cold War. It has been published in hardback and placed in the library of his alma mater.

Since age five, Jay’s passion has been studying and re-telling the hero’s journey through fantasy books and graphic novels. Jay writes comic books professionally with Mad Cave Studios and other publishers of adult sci-fi. His 2019 debut graphic novel Over the Ropes is a pro-wrestling meets the Godfather story set in a fictional version of the South in the 1990’s.

Jay’s novel Cyborg: Venus is a Sci-Fi Roman Fantasy story about a cyborg gladiator fighting in holographic arenas and attempting to subvert the space-based Roman Empire. Cyborg: Venus is represented by Corvisiero Literary Agency and Jay’s agent, Marisa Corvisiero, is actively working to pitch the book to publishing houses in 2019.

Jay is an avid podcaster and social media influencer. Jay co-hosted the #WhoWouldWin podcast, an itunes Top 40 rated show with over one-thousand unique downloads per day. Recently, Jay became a social media influencer working with the SyFy channel to promote the television adaptation of Deadly Class, one of his favorite graphic novels.

Every Tuesday, Jay hosts his own hashtag: #WhatHappensNext?on twitter. A series of story prompts in the style of choose your own adventure stories. Aside from writing, his passion is promoting the creative works of other artists, especially those independently produced. Jay actively promotes works from Mad Cave Studios, Vault Comics, Aftershock Comics, and more publishers to spread the word about great comics outside the traditional mainstream. With an addiction to stories, he’s always looking for his next favorite comic or book.

Jay is a native of Alabama and still resides there with his wife and son.

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