Book Review: Space Police Files


Thanks to Lizzy Writes Reviews for her review of my book Space Police Files!

What did she have to say? 🧐

“I just finished reading Space Police Files by Jay Sandlin and… wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a traditional science fiction book and even longer since I, ya know, *liked* it.

The book is an anthology of interwoven stories about those either apart of or connected to someone who works for the Space Police. It’s set in the distant(ish) future, ripe with various creatures and each story is incredibly diverse (even though the main characters of each are different species, the author establishes religion, sexuality, gender, sometimes even race or ethnicity. Considering these are things the sci-fi genre routinely lack, it was refreshing to see).

I would say this book is like Black Mirror by way of American police force… and by that, I mean this book does an awesome job of showing (and a bit of telling, but honestly this book is *very* good at showing) how police forces can be incredibly corrupt, and how the main character isn’t necessarily the hero. Which is sooo cool.”


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