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#WhatHappensNext: The RedHood Gets a Loan

Join the panel of #writers: Jay Sandlin, Rob Cabrera, BJ Mendelson and Cynnara play improv games based on comicbooks and pick up tips for the Writing Community:Things you’ll never hear in #comicbook locationsMighty Mighty Oracle- A 3-headed creature with all the answers to YOUR questions!Then find out #WhatHappensNext the RedHood gets a loan!
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#WhatHappensNext: Rocket Raccoon– Part 1

Join the panel, as the Collector traps Rocket Raccoon in an arena death match with various characters from fiction. The panel also comes up with the World's WORST birthday presents for Thanos, Batman, and Joker. And professional writers offer good, bad, and EVIL advice.Pick up tips from professionals in the #comicbook industry, and never stop going after your dreams.
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