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Comic Book Review: Cornrows #1

Brian L. Hawkins' Cornrows: There Are No More Heroes #1, from Gnosis Entertainment. Cornrows is the story of Theo Mayfield, a high school PE teacher who trades form-fitting night-stalker garb over his traditional whistle and gym shorts. Theo becomes disillusioned with the justice system when one of his students dies suddenly, choosing to take action himself as a nighttime vigilante figure.
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Graphic Novel Publishers Accepting OPEN Submissions

Graphic Novel Submission Sources & Procedures:Please note that it is your responsibility to screen the publishers ahead of time. Make sure they are currently active and openly accepting submissions. Make sure your content presentation is as strong as possible and a good fit for what they are looking for. Submitting before you are ready or to pub not interested in your exact type of work is a waste of everyone's time. Above all, never stop trying, never stop creating. 
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