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Comic Script Template

Please note, there is no one way to make a comic script. But some editors have told me they like my way, so I decided to create a free template here on my website for any aspiring comic writers to study when working on their next masterpieces. Remember: less is more. Unlike writing prose, a comic script is written for an audience of a few-- primarily the artist and an editor. 
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Review: Devil’s Dominion

Devlynn St. Paul sold her soul to the Devil to stop the horror being done to her by her brother. But she reneged on the deal. Now, she’s on the hunt. If you're a fan of Constantine, Supernatural or Justice League Dark, you'll love Brian Hawkins' Game of Demons: A Tale of Fire and Brimstone. Actually, the title is Devil's Dominion coming Dec 30th from Blackbox Comics. I'd describe it as Dante's Inferno set in urban fantasy, with a gritty protagonist looking to hurt raise as much hell as possible before they're tossed into it. 
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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Farewell

Bill & Ted Face the Music (FTM) rocks my face off. Seriously. I first saw the original (Excellent Adventure, EA) swimming in my older cousin's pool. He explained the premise to me as these two future "rock-messiahs" using time travel to pass their history final. My cousin always had a way with words and I was hooked from the beginning.
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