I, Millenial

I, Millenial:


I found people with phone books, then Internet.

I wrote e-mail addresses on paper, so I wouldn’t forget.

I text friends on A.I.M., ran my modem through speakers in case my parents came in.

I pirated radio music on cassette– when I heard of Napster, my Guess jeans got wet.

I watched TV on fifty channels after I was born, any higher I’d find scrambled porn.

I found mobile gaming on Nintendo Gameboy, my in-app purchases came from KB Toys.

I found books in the library via Dewey Decimal card, ebooks on Kindle waive the late charge.

I rented videos from Blockbuster, picked boxes by hand, my first Netflix binge streamed via mailman.

I went to Walmart Supercenter when it opened the first time– now I fill my cart on Amazon Prime.

I corrected my senses with glasses, contacts, metal braces– then I went into debt so I could get Lasix.

I heard: go to school, spend wisely, work hard! Then watched my parents put college on high interest cards.

I don’t care if my neighbor has two dads or two moms, I have better things to do than protest high school proms.

I don’t care what you pray to or what your race is– I won’t laugh if you look for safe spaces.

I was born on analogue, raised online, the last generation crashed the economy but I’m doing just fine.

I, Millenial.

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