Jay Meditates with Anxiety

There’s nothing magical about meditation.

I don’t claim to know much about it. If you ask one hundred people for an answer, you’ll receive one hundred variations of a semantic argument. Growing up, I thought it was how Satan worshipers communed with their master to plan evil or play Ozzy Osbourne cassettes. Now I have a different opinion. It’s a feeling; a manipulation of energy in your body. Energy? I remember that definition from grade school science. Energy: The ability to do work. Thank you, Alabama public education.

I realized I forgot I already learned meditation. I learned meditation in the martial arts when I was 22. Forgot all about that. I dropped out at 23 and didn’t sit down to meditate again until 32. I didn’t know where to begin. Like most millenials, I googled ‘how to meditate’ and DMed friends I thought would know. Immediately got hits.

Listened to voices on youtube. Guys that sound like Buffalo Bill trying to host a 70’s art program on public access. I laughed to myself at the hilarity of meditation. Who needs instructions on how to sit around and relax?

Then I thought about the pictures of literally every fictional character meditating. There always sitting on hard, flat, ground and in uncomfortable–cross-legged–poses. I don’t sit with my legs crossed to relax. Why would I be uncomfortable when I meditate? I google, ‘meditation, posture, chair’. Found this headline: https://www.yogajournal.com/videos/use-a-chair-for-meditation “Yes, It’s OK to Meditate in a Chair.”

Heck yeah. They’re already giving me permission. No-think–double-click.

Skim through the article,  hoping for pictures. Too anxious to sit and watch the well-produced video. Man, I really need to meditate.

To Be Continued in PART II



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