Jay’s Comic Releases: Return in June!

After a brief hiatus due to a pesky pandemic, my new comic book releases are returning in June!

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June 10th: #HellfighterQuin from @MadCaveStudios RETURNS with Issue 2.


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Jay Sandlin

Penciller and Inker

Maria Santaolalla

Justin Birch

Publication Date: June 10, 2020.
Diamond Code: FEB201848
Rated: Mature

After surviving the first round of the Tribunal, Hellfighter must brave the Labyrinth in order to make it to the next stage of the tournament. However, he’s in way over his head and is aided through the trial by two new companions, Glass Assassin and Deadeye. Will they make it to the end or will a new mystical foe stop them from reaching their goals?

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Publication Date: June 17, 2020.
Diamond Code: FEB201849
Rated: Teen+

The time has come. It’s Phoenix vs. Billy “Roll Tide” Radison in a steel cage match for the SFW title. The first wrestler to escape the cage will be crowned the victor. Will Phoenix finally cement his legacy in the ring or will the Radison’s tyranny over SFW continue on unimpeded? Find out in the thrilling conclusion!

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