New Release: Neverland Annual: Dark Alliance



Hey! Today is exciting because it marks my next release with Zenescope. After HH Holmes, the powers at the Scope gave me the chance to play in the sandbox of one of their existing properties. The Neverland universe has been part of Zenescope for a decade and I loved writing this latest installment: 64 pages of super-sized action for only $8.99!

Neverland is a realm filled with terror and gripping action and adventure, whether it is vicious, pirate battles in flying ships, or whole islands filled with giant man-eating, killer crocs. One person, Nathan Cross, knows these horrors too well. Haunted since childhood by this cursed land, he had thought to have escaped its nightmares, but now, back in the place he never wanted to see again, he is searching for a way to save someone he cares about.

Will he be able to hang onto hope, or even the last shred of his humanity, or will this world finish what it started so many years ago? Don’t miss this next over-sized Neverland epic! 64 pages.

Pick it up at your LCS, or Comixology!

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