Publishers Who Accept UNSOLICITED Manuscripts

Every author dreams of landing a sweet book deal…


BUT many unagented writers fear never having their book considered by publishers. I’ve signed with two literary agents and neither one ever got my book through edits to submissions. Recently, I began working with an amazing editor to prepare a book proposal for my science fiction-space opera novel.

The road to publishing is long with many winding paths leading to your ultimate goal of personal fulfillment. The path you choose is up to YOU, but for those who wish to follow the traditional publishing route with a publishing house, here’s a listing of publishers willing to accept your unsolicited manuscripts. Some are big names, some are smaller houses. Also included are publishing houses with open calls now and again, even if they’re not open to unagented submissions at this very moment. Make sure the publisher is open before submitting.

Remember, do the research on these houses before sending a proposal or signing a contract. Do not create one template for submissions to send to every publisher like a piece of spam mail. Look carefully at their requirements, other book titles, and editor listings to craft a submission to best fit the house. Let it marinate a few days before sending. If the publisher isn’t specifically looking for work that fits your book, don’t waste time submitting.




















If you have any further publishers to add to this list, or if for some reason you think a publisher does not belong, please comment below. Special thanks to two other blog sites for these #writing resources: and


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